Nowadays, TOPAZZ is masterminded by the keyboardist, composer and music producer Davide Sakure.

Born 1967 near Berlin in Germany, nowadays Sakure is a wanderer between two worlds, a traveler between the musical influences of the western hemisphere and Japan. Davide Sakure lives and works in both cities: Berlin and Tokyo.

The mastermind behind TOPAZZ: Davide Sakure
The mastermind behind TOPAZZ: Davide Sakure

Davide Sakure was previously involved in various TOPAZZ productions. Since September 2020 Sakure has been completely responsible for all TOPAZZ productions.

Also since September 2020, Sakure took over the ownership of the record label and artist management office Planet Apricot Music.

Davide Sakure is member of the collecting society SoundExchange.

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